DoctorLabs is a website, which belongs to the Minecraft server network of the same name. This website could represent the complete administration of the servers in the future. However, the website is still in development.
The following techniques were used: HTML5, PHP5, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, and Material Design Lite


NoRoX is the first of my two social networks
It was created in the years 2012/2013. In 2014 I paused the development. Now NoRoX has been back online since May 2017 and is currently under revision.
The following techniques were used: HTML5, PHP5, MySQL and Bootstrap3.


Social is one of my two social networks.
With the help of current technologies, such as Ajax, Websockets, PHP5 and HTML5, a social network of new dimensions is created here.


Imgx is an image hosting service
With the help of Ajax, PHP 7, HTML5, Bootstrap3 and CSS3, we create the backend and parts of the front end for this excellent service.